This product is an ARM version for Ardavan-DEVKIT formfactor, providing more capabilities and facilities to the user. This product is compatible with Arduino Due.
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The development board is compatible with  Ardavan-DEVKIT Extended ARDUINO MEGA COMPATIBLE) connections with 121 pins and digital input / output, 24 analog inputs/2 Analog outputd and 4 SCI ports, two CAN ports, a 4MHz crystal oscillator, a 32768Hz Low power Crystal oscillator, Backup Battery, a USB connection, a SWD Debug connection and a reset button. This board has the necessary side circuits of a microcontroller. This board is compatible with most shields designed with the Arduino MEGA and Ardavan Enhanced Formfactor.

MM32F5277 is based on Arm China STAR-MC1 processor and Armv8-M Mainline Instruction Set Architecture,integrates with FPU and DSP. Its unit frequency CoreMark is approximately 20% higher than that of Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4

It operates at a frequency of up to 120MHz, embeds up to 256KB Flash and 192KB RAM, equips with algorithm acceleration units such as Floating Point Unit (FPU), Digital Signal Processing (DSP), signal-to-signal interconnected matrix MindSwitch, Configurable Logic Unit (CLU) and trigonometric function acceleration unit (CORDIC) and integrates with rich peripheral modules and I/O ports. Compared with the existing products, MM32F5270 is designed to be used in a wide range of industrial, automotive and IoT applications with improved performance, memory capacity, bus architecture and peripheral configuration.

Board Specifications:

Microcontroller: MM32F5277/MM32F5287 (CHINA STAR_MC1 core)

Operating voltage:2.7- 5.0 volts

Number of I / O pins: 121

Analog input/output pins: 24 channel 12bit SAR A/D + 2 channel 12 bitsD/A

DC current per pin: 20mA

DC current for power supply pin: 250 mA

- 4KB L1 I-Cache and 4KB L1 D-Cache

- Up to 256KB built-in Flash

- Up to 192KB built-in RAM (including 32KB ITCM, 32KB DTCM and 128KB System RAM)

- Embed QSPI interface and support eXecute-in-Place (XIP)

- Embed FSMC parallel memory interfaces

- Two 12-bit SAR ADCs with sampling rate up to 3MSPS, equip with up to 24 external channels and support up to 256 times hardware oversampling

- Two 12-bit DACs and three comparators

- Seven 16-bit timers and two 32-bit timers

- Eight UART interfaces (including one LPUART), three SPI interfaces, three I2S interfaces and two I2C interfaces

- One USB OTG full-speed interface

- Two FlexCAN interfaces

- Some models equip with 10M/100M Ethernet controllers

- Supported temperature range: -40℃~105℃

- Supply: 6-30V

- No. of I/O: 121

- Communication ports: I2C, QSPI, Flex CAN, LIN, SCI (USART)

- Battery Backup: CR1220

Recommended applications:

- Industry control

- Elevator control

- Firefighting control

- Transportation

- Printer

- Scanner

- Home appliance control

- Motor control

- Floor sweeper

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