This product is an enhanced Ardavan-S12XE formfactor, providing more capabilities and facilities to the user. This product is compatible with Arduino Mega.
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The development board is compatible with Arduino-Mega connections with 121 pins and digital input / output, 24 analog inputs and 4 SCI ports, four CAN ports, a 4MHz crystal oscillator, a USB connection, a BDM connection and a reset button. This board has the necessary side circuits of a microcontroller. It also has a CAN port in addition to all Mega features.

This board is compatible with most shields designed with the Arduino MEGA and Ardavan enhanced form factor. It has the following features compared to previous editions:

Added RxCAN and TxCAN (CAN port).

IOREF pin that allows the shields to be compatible with the board voltage. In the future, the shields will be compatible with both the 5V AVR and the 3.3V Arduino Due. The second pin is not connected, which is reserved for future purposes.

Stronger reset circuit based on TLE4275 Automotive Regulator.

Use CH340 chip for USB to serial interface


Microcontroller: MC9S12XEP100

Operating voltage: 5 volts

Input voltage range: 6-20 volts

Number of I / O pins: 121

Analog input pins: 24

DC current per pin: 25mA

DC current for power supply pin: 50 mA

Flash memory: 1024 KB

SRAM memory: 64 KB

EEPROM memory: 4KB

D-Flash memory: 4KB

Clock frequency: up to 100 MHz

Bass frequency: up to 50 MHz

Supply: 6-30V

No. of I/O: 121

Communication ports: I2C, QSPI, CAN, LIN, SCI (USART)

Analog Inputs: 24 channel 12Bits resolusion

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